Project365 #2

Today's photo is Stamford Station. Amz came to visit and I was dropping her off to get her train back



Janathon Day 2

Yesterday I said I was on the Janathon train. Although, that may have been exaggeration, yes I was on it, but only barely. In fact, I was clinging on by the skin of my teeth. The fingernails of one hand were dug into the rusty steel, my other hand groping for a better grip, my legs flailing in mid-air. But the important thing was that I was on it.

Day 2: 12.1km muddy run in the Lincolnshire countryside.

I'm definitely on the train now. I'm strapped in like Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes, like a teenager on Nemesis at Alton Towers, like Buzz Aldrin in Apollo 11 at take-off.

Today's run = 12.1km

Janathon Total = 15.38km