Juneathon Project365

Still smashing it! #project365 #juneathon

Juneathon Day 22

Was going to go for a 'proper' run tonight when I got in from work. But didn't. For a few reasons: a) I really couldn't be bothered; b) I am supposed to be running a half-marathon on Saturday and wanted to give my calf a bit more of a rest before I 'test' it; c) After yesterday's plank rest day I was determined to smash the plank PB.

Glad to report I did indeed 'smash it'….a PB by 19 secs…

Project365 #173

Talking of 'smashing it'…the second of two bargain Terry's Chocolate Oranges was also opened and eaten.

Although, the actually proper terminology is 'whack it'.



Chocolate Croissants

Bakeathon enters the home straight. Today makes nine out of a planned ten baked products.

There are not many things that I can actually say 'I really, really like', but Croissants in a can I really, really like. It is the most amazing invention…

Now I understand how this could be seen as cheating, and that I haven't actually made anything, but I did open the can….

Furthermore, once the can was opened and separate pre-prepared triangles were exposed, I had to actually place some chocolate in them before rolling them into perfectly shaped Croissants. The result was perfect Chocolate Croissants that I really, really like….

The Croissants were quickly devoured for breakfast. This was followed by a bike ride with the dog and the new fitness mad Amy…

You'll be glad to hear that the tenth and final part of Bakeathon will be something spectacular….



Choc Chip Cookies

July's Project, Bakeathon, begins to gain speed. After a successful batch of Brownies last week we move, with thanks to Lorraine Pascale, to Big Yummy Double Choc Chip Cookies.

The cupboard contained most of the ingredients already so a trip to the shop for eggs and Choc chips and we were ready to give it ago:

Now, I don't want to sound big-headed, but these cookies are fantastic. Proper big American cookies, soft in the middle, yet hard on the outside. Delicious. A sample will, of course, be taken into school on Monday for break time.

No link to recipe today because it was stolen straight from the pages of her book, by way of a photograph of the page whilst in WHSmiths…



Chocolate Brownies

Today sees the beginning of July's Project. The challenge will be to bake at least 10 different things, beginning with Chocolate Brownies. Now to be sure everything I make comes out absolutely fantastic I will be using famous celebrity chef recipes only. That way I have someone to blame!

So today, with the help of Jamie Oliver, we have Chocolate Brownies.

This blog will not be giving you a list of ingredients or a method, you can get them online elsewhere, it will just show my attempts to produce some lovely munchies.

So we began with this…

After 15 min preparation plus 25 min in the oven the lovely aroma of Chocolate filled the house. And as Jamie Oliver would say….bloomin' brilliant brownies….

They taste absolutely bloody beautiful and will be eaten for pudding tonight, with a small selection taken to work tomorrow for breaktime. If you want the full recipe click here.

I have therefore decided the first leg of Bakeathon a complete success!


Project365 #225 – Cakes!

Today I spent the afternoon cooking deserts for tomorrow’s dinner with Kath and the rest of the gang. Baked blueberry cheesecake or soft chocolate cake… decide.


Project365 #76 – Last piece…

Today’s picture is the last piece of chocolate birthday cake….