Movember has come to an end….

So Movember has finally come to an end. My moustache and I have gone through some tough times over the course of the month: the itchiness, the overhanging lip hairs, the remnants of food hanging on the top lip, and not to mention looking absolutely ridiculous. But after 30 days, I've grown rather attached to it. I've even enjoyed grooming and trimming to keep it in pristine condition.

So today my moustache and I spent some quality time together. We went into Peterborough with the idea of maybe getting a few Christmas presents, this didn't happen, instead I treated myself to a couple of CDs…..

When we got back from shopping we went to the woods to have our final run together. An emotional experience: the wind rushing through the hairs and the feel of sweat building up amongst the whiskers.

At this stage I feel I should point out that that I'm not very good at the whole growing facial hair palaver. But that was not about to stop me modelling my mo in a David Brent style….

Looking forward to Decembeer already!



Doesn’t Time Fly….

It has been three weeks since my last blog. Not exactly sure why? The weeks seem to be whizzing by like an old granny on a souped-up mobility scooter trundling down Oxford Street on the last Saturday before Christmas.

So, what has happened in the intervening weeks? Well, at this point I could launch into an absolutely hilarious collection of anecdotes. Well I could. But actually, I really can't be bothered. So instead you get this….

Frightened Rabbit in Birmingham
Micky Flanagan in Nottingham
MoRunning....fabulous medal!
Endless muddy zombie runs...
The boy is getting on fabulously...




Going zombie crazy….

Everything seems to be about zombies at the moment. Not exactly sure why, but the desiccating, decaying, emotionless beings and their insatiable desire to consume living human flesh is all around. Now I understand that today is All Hallows' Eve, but zombies seem to be infiltrating my life….

  • I have recently finished reading 'World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War', which I thought was a great read. This novel was a follow-up to Mel Brooks' 'The Zombie Survival Guide' – which is now on the list of must reads.
  • The blogosphere seems to be jammed packed with zombie related blogs. People taking part in various zombie runs, people in zombie training and people seemingly obsessed with zombies. I did experience a zombie run last year, so maybe it's time to have another go.
  • I've also recently started watching 'The Walking Dead', slightly late to the party I know, but people having been raving about this series so I thought I'd give it a go. Who can resist a post-apocalyptic world dominated by flesh eating zombies?

So, seeing that zombies are all around, I downloaded the 'Zombies, Run!' app for the iPhone and took to the woods to run from zombies. I did use this app a year or so ago and how I've missed it! The new version is packed full of missions including zombie chases that force you to speed up to avoid the zombie hordes and is very slick.

Zombies were not the only things I had avoid, I came across this…

This seemingly harmless bit of twig, with huge thorns, was about six feet long and somehow I managed to get the evil thing wrapped around my legs. Trying to escape its clutches was quite a mission. Give me zombies any day of the week!

In other news….we approach Movember….

Only three weeks until my first ever MoRun at Nottingham…..the cultivation of an impressive moustache starts tomorrow!*

* Please note I can not actually grow a very good moustache.



Saying goodbye to the mo….

Thirty very long days and nights have finally come to an end and it is time to bid this ridiculous moustache a fond farewell……

I have only ever grown a moustache twice, both times supporting the fantastic movember initiative. But the time has come to rid the face of this rather creepy looking, hairy appendage. Despite the fact that it is itchy, annoying and troublesome I have formed a bond and become rather attached to my facial friend. But it is time to let go….

  • Calming music on
  • Trim back the long hairs
  • Lather up generously
  • Starting from the outside and working in
  • Washed down with warm water

Remember he will be back next year…



Origami #21 & #22

Again, due to a busy night of meeting parents at school, the amazing gift of two pieces of origami at once.

#21 is a lovely swallow…

And for contrast and just to show that origami is not just all lovely pretty stuff, #22 is a badass ninja throwing star…

Also, running in conjunction with November's Challenge of origami is, of course, Movember. Cue the slightly worrying looking fella with a dodgy moustache…..



Still going….origami #12

Despite the truck load of marking that I brought home with me tonight, November's Challenge is still going strong. I managed to create another masterpiece: a modular star.

Not particularly difficult, it just requires some time, a bit of patience and 6 pieces of paper all folded in the same way. Make them, put them together and with a bit of swearing luck it will form a star. At last, a piece of origami that actually looks better due to the 'special' origami paper I purchased. It reminds me of a Christmas decoration….

If you have 6 handy squares of paper and the time to have a go, then click here for the instructions. If not then you're probably just a 'normal' person and wouldn't think twice about wasting your time on something so pointless!

But given my new found love of the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, I found it 'magical'…..


….enough said.



Project365 #335 – 1980s Detective…..

Final movember photo: If they ever need extras for an 80s TV detective drama they know who to call…..


Project365 #332 – The Knife of Never Letting Go…

Today’s picture: latest read by Patrick Ness….


Project365 #331 – Getting in the Christmas spirit…

After seeing the Christmas tree I could barely contain my excitement…