Movember has come to an end….

So Movember has finally come to an end. My moustache and I have gone through some tough times over the course of the month: the itchiness, the overhanging lip hairs, the remnants of food hanging on the top lip, and not to mention looking absolutely ridiculous. But after 30 days, I've grown rather attached to it. I've even enjoyed grooming and trimming to keep it in pristine condition.

So today my moustache and I spent some quality time together. We went into Peterborough with the idea of maybe getting a few Christmas presents, this didn't happen, instead I treated myself to a couple of CDs…..

When we got back from shopping we went to the woods to have our final run together. An emotional experience: the wind rushing through the hairs and the feel of sweat building up amongst the whiskers.

At this stage I feel I should point out that that I'm not very good at the whole growing facial hair palaver. But that was not about to stop me modelling my mo in a David Brent style….

Looking forward to Decembeer already!



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