Babies, Birthdays and Felt…

Yesterday I braved the approaching storm and set off down south to wish my little nephew, Stanley, a happy 1st birthday….

I wasn't the only person driving down south; there were bloody millions of other people. So you probably won't be surprised to hear that the journey took a tad longer than normal. On arrival I had just missed the cutting of the cake, but stepped through the door in time to toast the birthday boy.

After devouring a couple of slices of my sister's slightly floury beautiful cake it was time for pass the parcel….

Stanley has an older sister, named Grace, who today had no trouble testing all HIS new toys. In fact over the course of the day she had become very attached to his new Tigger, to the point where it needed to be hidden to avoid any bedtime antics. Here she is engrossed with his new toolset….

By late afternoon is was time for the highlight of the day: the opening of the advent calendar. This may not sound much, until that is you see the advent calendar. My sister had created a felt masterpiece: individual numbered felt pockets; felt Christmas tree with buttons; and hidden felt 'things' (including a felt baby Jesus) to hang on said felt Christmas tree. Stanley fished out and hung up the day's felt mini-stocking wonderment, to ooos and aahs from an overly excited audience. Nice job sis!


With Santa's Christmas storm fast approaching I wished everybody Merry Christmas and began the surprising quick and uneventful journey back home. On entering the house I came across another baby! James, my grandson, was staying the night. Here he is looking rather spaced out and modelling a dodgy looking head of hair….



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