Today was day 24, but more importantly Suarez bit someone…

I went for a run, the 24th run in a row. But more importantly, Luis Suarez bit someone….and thanks to the wonder of Twitter here are just a sample of what appeared….

Suarez completes his hat-trick….

A lifetime ban is too good for Suarez. Make him really suffer; tell him he has to stay at Liverpool forever.


A simple solution…

How Suarez sees every opponents shirt….

Today’s mileage = 2.73

Total Juneathon mileage = 107.10




#juneathon day 20

At some stage during Juneathon there always tends to be a post that is full of numbers. This is that post.

Days completed = 20

Percentage complete = 66%

Showers taken = 40

Number of runs in Bourne Woods = 14

Number of aching legs = 2

Number of England World Cup wins = 0

Number of World Cup games watched = loads

Today's mileage = 5.45

Total Juneathon mileage = 93.04



#juneathon day 16

Tonight's run was wedged between World Cup games: Germany vs Portugal and Iran vs Nigeria. A 3 mile run at the woods with the dog. Pretty uneventful run except for a dog that followed us whilst his owner shouted “Poppy” at the top of his voice, only for Poppy to ignore him. After a while I decided to turn round and let Poppy's owner get hold of her. Which he did, accompanied by various groans and grumbles at poor Poppy.

Day 16 mileage = 3.05

Total Juneathon mileage = 74.99

I thought I had discovered the player with the longest name at the World Cup: Iran and Charlton star, Ghoochannejhad. However, a quick glance through the World Cup bible, Panini's FIFA World Cup 2014 sticker album, I soon spotted Greece's own Papastathopoulos. Very much looking forward to the Greece vs Iran game (they should meet in the final) and seeing if the BBC can fit the lineups onto one screen.

But one thing leads to another…..a quick google of 'longest surname in the world' and I came across a German fella named Adolph. His surname is 590 letters long, although he generally only uses the first 35 letters, Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, in most paperwork.




#juneathon day 15

Halfway through Juneathon and it is at this stage that running every day starts to become a bit of a struggle: calves ache, ankles stiff and starting to get a bit fed up of showers. A longish run this morning – 10.1 miles around Bourne.

Followed by a visit to Sainsbury's to get cake, before settling on the sofa for the majority of the afternoon to watch a bit more, yes indeed, a bit more footy….

Day 15 mileage = 10.1

Total Juneathon mileage = 71.94




The day has finally arrived….

…..England's first game of the 2014 World Cup. I'm ready….

Ridiculous flags on car? Check. Already fraying quite a bit.

Wall Chart? Check. 'Temporarily' hung in front room – will probably stay there till Christmas.

England flag flying? Check. The flagpole also doubles up as the washing line pole. Classy.

England inflatable hand? Check. Every house needs an England inflatable hand…..

Time for an England song…..

As for Juneathon….

Managed to fit today's run in between shopping and football. 5 miles around town.

Day 14 mileage = 5.04

Total Juneathon mileage = 61.84



Just in the nick of time….

'Just in the nick of time' – The idea being that a nick was a small cut or notch, or in other words a narrow and precise marker, so that if something was in the nick it was precisely where it should be. This was then later elaborated to include of time for the expression of more ideas. Nowadays the phrase means something that happened just in time, at the last possible moment.

Day 13 of Juneathon and day 2 of the World Cup. I managed to run after the first game and got back 'just in the nick of time' to watch the second game. The shortest run of Juneathon so far.

Day 13 mileage = 2.41

Total Juneathon mileage = 56.80



#juneathon vs World Cup

When I signed up for Juneathon the World Cup seemed a million miles away. Now it's here. I think this is going to be the biggest obstacle in completing Juneathon.

There was only the one game tonight so I was able to get out for run as soon as I got in from work. I'm not sure how easy this will be in the coming weeks when you get various games throughout the evening.

It was just under 4 miles around the local fields; it was also really hot. So shower, dinner and I've pretty much managed to be ready for the opening game – although the planning for tomorrow's lessons has gone out the window!

Anthems playing…..gotta go!

Day 12 mileage = 3.70

Total Juneathon mileage = 54.39