#juneathon day 16

Tonight's run was wedged between World Cup games: Germany vs Portugal and Iran vs Nigeria. A 3 mile run at the woods with the dog. Pretty uneventful run except for a dog that followed us whilst his owner shouted “Poppy” at the top of his voice, only for Poppy to ignore him. After a while I decided to turn round and let Poppy's owner get hold of her. Which he did, accompanied by various groans and grumbles at poor Poppy.

Day 16 mileage = 3.05

Total Juneathon mileage = 74.99

I thought I had discovered the player with the longest name at the World Cup: Iran and Charlton star, Ghoochannejhad. However, a quick glance through the World Cup bible, Panini's FIFA World Cup 2014 sticker album, I soon spotted Greece's own Papastathopoulos. Very much looking forward to the Greece vs Iran game (they should meet in the final) and seeing if the BBC can fit the lineups onto one screen.

But one thing leads to another…..a quick google of 'longest surname in the world' and I came across a German fella named Adolph. His surname is 590 letters long, although he generally only uses the first 35 letters, Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, in most paperwork.




  1. Always envied people with long surnames, my maiden name was only 4 letters and now I am on 5 letters not much progression. I will check out those surnames in the World Cup it always intrigues me how they fit it on the shirts, will they shorten, shrink, or go worth first name!

  2. wow! poor guy… can you imagine his signature? How do you pronounce Papastathopoulos? Papa-stat-hop-poulos? Dad started hopping poulos?

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