#juneathon day 7…..the day the treadmill couldn’t keep up with me…

This morning, feeling enthused and energetic, I hit the gym. Little did I know that today would go down in history……

The plan was to do 40mins on the treadmill, increasing speed every 5mins, starting off pretty easy and building up to a fast pace. Well that was the plan….

Started at a pretty easy speed – '10' whatever that means – plus I was on a treadmill that was set at kms. Every 5mins I increased speed and incline so that by 30mins into the run I was at speed '15', which felt quite fast. It which point the treadmill, amazed by my athleticism, decided he couldn't keep up with me and up came the message:

“Could not attain target speed”

Job done! I will now be forever known as the treadminator! Here is said treadmill just before it belched smoke and exploded.

Day 7 mileage = 4.44 (after a nifty bit of converting)

Total Juneathon mileage = 32.50

In other news…..the boy and I started on the Panini World Cup Sticker Album…..