#juneathon day 4

Today's run could be summed up in one word: wet. But why use one word when you can add a load of others and create a sonnet.

Juneathon the fourth and it was quite a day,

Teaching and meetings and running club.

Left school pretty early – no overstay,

Straight to the woods, avoided the pub.

Started the run and it was dry and clear,

Five minutes later it was anything but.

I'd wished I'd gone and had that beer,

Cause the rain had started to fall somewhat.

I managed to do a few miles at the wood,

I was totally drenched when back to the car.

As much as I was soaked – it felt quite good,

Which is something I found pretty bizarre.

By five o'clock it was Murray on the box,

And heading for a glass of whiskey on the rocks.

Day 4 mileage = 2.58

Total Juneathon mileage = 18.80