Lost and found dog. #juneathon day 17

Tonight's quick short run to fit in with the World Cup was anything but.

After watching the 5pm game I quickly headed to the woods with the dog for a brisk 2 mile run so that I was back and showered for the Brazil game. After about a mile I lost the dog. He was nowhere to be seen.

This is not the first time this as happened. He normally shows up within a few minutes, often distracted by another dog, or a squirrel, or he is off chasing a deer. So what normally happens is I turn round, jog back the way we came and we generally meet up again. This didn't happen today. I jogged back. No sign of the bloody mutt. I jogged up to the ponds; he likes taking a dip and is often found there. No sign of the sodding dog. So I headed back to the entrance of the woods, we go there all the time, he should know this is where we start and finish. No sign of the pesky dog. So I did another quick lap in the hope of meeting him somewhere else. No such luck.

It wasn't till I got back to the entrance again that I found him. He had been rescued by a fella who said he looked lost. I thanked the bloke and gave the dog a good talking too.

So I ended up running over 5 miles and was out for far longer than I had planned. Therefore, I missed the start of the Brazil game. The dog is in the proverbial dog house.

Day 17 mileage = 5.43

Total Juneathon mileage = 80.42