The Penultimate Day…

Feeling slightly sad – today is the penultimate day of November's Challenge – it has been a great little challenge. I don't quite consider myself an origami master just yet, but it has been great to do a monthly challenge that is quite relaxing and stress free. Furthermore, it has enabled me to blog virtually every day, which is always a good thing. Yes, I know, I have far too much time on my hands! My life is so rock and roll!

So onto today, origami #29, a candy dish or lazy susan, in fact it is probably the smallest candy dish ever seen. It can probably just about manage to hold a peanut in each segment. So here you have it a dish for putting four peanuts in….

With just one day left of November I have been busy deciding on what to do for the month of December. I have been thinking about various ideas:

  • A poem a day – as many different forms of poetry as possible.
  • Invent a new word with a definition and example of use.
  • Different packet of crisps each day.
  • A film review each day.

But after much deliberation I have decided on a different bottle of beer every day. This sounds like a good challenge, especially with Christmas just round the corner. Plan is to taste a new beer each day and blog about it. The hope is that I can develop my understanding of beers and their flavour.

So as I was doing a spot of shopping in Tesco this evening I took the opportunity to have a stroll down the beer aisle to have a look at the selection. They have 1000s of different real ales, lagers and ciders…

The first decision is to decide on whether I will focus on real ales, lagers or ciders. I think I'll sleep on that before making a decision.


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