Old Peculier #decembeer

Day 3 of #decembeer

It is only 3 days in and I'm already having a go at one of these 'blow your head off' beers. At 5.6% it is probably not best to have many of these on a school night. May I present….the legendary beer that is….Theakston's famous 'Old Peculier'……

Now as you should be aware by now, I never do anything half-hearted, so a quick visit to Theakston's website for a bit of extra information (that is sadly not on the bottle) revealed some big claims. It is described, amongst other things as: “the country's most well known and loved ales”; “beautiful brew”; and “superb”. Furthermore, an interesting use of the word “awesome” when it comes to describe the flavour:

“awesome full-bodied flavour with subtle cherry and rich fruit overtones”

Needless to say I had big expectations for tonight's #decembeer, and I wasn't disappointed. It actually tasted really quite smooth, wasn't expecting that (but don't forget I don't know what the hell I'm talking about). Didn't smell or taste as 'harsh' as the first couple of beers, no weird aftertaste, and despite the dark look of it, it doesn't taste particularly 'strong'. Peculiar? (See what I've done there!?)

Nice head going on...

I'm still struggling to taste any 'fruits', and I really am trying, just can't seem to taste anything but a beer taste!!!?

Not only do you get a rather good tasting beer, but also on the bottle is a ten-word novel, as part of the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival….

Dark House by Simon Kernick

Picked off one by one. Four…Three…Two…It's you!


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