Landlord #decembeer

Tonight's entry, #12, into the #decembeer hall of fame is Landlord….

I've had various comments from people that seem to suggest that I haven't really liked any of the beers so far this month, and that in fact I don't actually like beer. If you are one of those people you may want to look away now….

Landlord by Timothy Taylor's Brewery is a 'strong pale ale', the first pale ale of #decembeer, and although perfectly drinkable, it is not one I'd bother trying again. It had a very citrusy, refreshing, very hoppy aroma. Which was ok – nothing amazing – but ok. And even the initial taste was ok – nothing amazing – but ok. It was the twangy aftertaste that put me off a bit. It sort of hung around at the back of the throat – to quote Billy Bragg – like a fart in a Russian space station.

I think I need to return to Tesco's 'dark and full-bodied' beer shelf in an attempt to bring back a bit of positivity to the blog. Something like the 'Old Perculier' tastetastic variety.


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