700 Santas and a Bishops Farewell….

The day began with a gentle 5km run around Burghley House dressed as Santa. And strangely enough I was not alone, in fact, around 700 other Santas were also going for a gentle 5km run….

No, this was not just a strange coincidence, but the annual Rotary Club of Stamford's Santa Run. 700 men, women and children dressed in ridiculous outfits, including incredibly itchy beards, and all in the aid of charity.

So today we actually have a reason to celebrate. Anyone fancy a beer? And so to #18 of #decembeer, from Oakham Ales…..Bishops Farewell….

NB: I had actually finished marking before opening

So, 18 beers down, and here is my opinion of Bishops Farewell:

  • This beer has a very distinct citrus aroma, I can definitely smell a bit of lime going on (I think).
  • A very clean, crisp taste, with a dry finish.
  • A hoppy beer that is easy to drink.

Move over Oz Clarke!!


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