Another #decembeer trio…..

Last night saw the English Department's (plus a few gatecrashers) Christmas Meal, and a good opportunity to get some beer drunk. It was a very good night that began and ended in The Cosy Club with a lovely three course meal in between at Jim's Yard. A good night was had by all….

And so to the beer…

#20 is from Rutland's The Grainstore Brewery….Three Kings…

#21 the world famous….Old Speckled Hen….

#22 Fuller's London Pride…..

Out of this trio there was a clear winner and a clear loser:

  • Three Kings – smooth, good full-bodied flavour normally associated with the stronger beers. Nice.
  • Old Speckled Hen – light and refreshing, but with a harsh aftertaste. Not good.
  • London Pride – horrible. It says on the label 'outstanding' – that is a lie. Enough said.


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