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To run or not to run…..

With Janathon fast approaching the decision is actually not whether to run or not, I will be taking part, but more like how far. Last January I entered Janathon and ran every day, completing a total of 133 miles in the month. Then Juneathon came along and I began with the idea that I would be able to beat January’s total, this didn’t happen, for various different reasons I took a more relaxed approach as the month continued (finishing with 114 miles under the belt).

So what to do this time round? As I sit writing this blog I have just about seen off a bit of a cold that has lasted over Christmas, stopped me running, and more importantly, seriously affected #decembeer. So I’m eager to get back to the running and blow away the cobwebs.

In my head at the moment I want to beat the 133 miles clocked up last Janathon, but am also well aware of the busy start to the school term that awaits (exam prep, marking and extra sessions). So the plan is to begin with the 4.5ish miles a day that are required and see how we go.

Also, with a new year brings new plans. I was browsing through Runner’s World magazine in search of some races for the year, still considering whether or not to run my second marathon this year, I came across this, Rat Race Dirty Weekend…..

After last year’s attempt at the Zombie Evacuation Race as part of ‘Dead Men Running’ this seemed perfect for 2013. I just hope the rest of the guys agree!

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