Janathon Day 11

The end of a week at school that actually seemed to go pretty quick, considering we had various workshops and immersion days in preparation for Thursday's English exam.

So another late run in the dark. Although rather than the normal 4ish miles I've been doing lately I dropped the mileage a bit and upper the pace. Ended up doing 3.66 miles in 28 minutes, worked out at an average pace of 7.42 min/mile. I've been using RunKeeper to log the miles this month rather than using my Garmin, and when I got home I noticed I had quite unintentionally created the first runart of the month. Can you guess what it is?

When I returned home I had a lovely fruit crumble waiting for me….

Now this evening it was pretty cold out, but I was prepared, I was well wrapped up. But looking at the weather forecast or the next few days it may not be enough.

It will be an early run tomorrow as we're off down south tomorrow to visit our brand new nephew…

Today's mileage = 3.66

Janathon mileage so far = 47.79


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