#project365 #23

It’s cold.

Cue the morning scraping shenanigans.


#project365 #20

A cold, frosty, early morning walk at Bourne Woods with the dog. Good start to the day.


Different venue, as promised…

Janathon Day 18

As promised yesterday, today was all about running somewhere a bit different from the normal trails of the woods. When thinking about where to run, my mind went back to marathon training. I would occasionally go to Twyford Woods. It used to be an old airbase, all that is left is the old runways and service roads. But it is quite a good place just to go to and run. Very few distractions: just the runways to run up and down.

It looks something like this…

However when you are there it is easy to lose your bearings, you have runways, service roads, plus trails. Today I did get slightly confused as to what direction I was going in, everything looks the same…

I also had intended to stay on the concrete and not venture too far off track. The one time I did hit the trails it all looked pretty solid, it was a frosty, cold morning. It wasn't. Therefore majority of run was done with cold and feet feet.

I pretty good run all in all: 7 miles. In fact, I was quite up for carrying on and doing a 10-miler, but I have a mountain of work at home to be doing and needs must and all that. Although, it did bring back the memories of marathon training. I'm considering a marathon in the spring. Don't want to waste all these Janathon miles.

In other news I would also like to report a rather shody looking Butterfly Sanctuary….

And a interesting bit of fly-tipping…

Today's mileage = 7.31

Total Janathon mileage = 79.59



Janathon Project365

Today I learnt that it’s all ’bout that bass… #janathon

Janathon Day 14

I had taken my kit to school today with the idea I’d be able to do a few miles around the school field at the end of the day. Today went something like this: a morning of teaching; exploration of ‘body image’ in tutor; GCSE booster workshop; followed by a run. Running around the field is probably not the best option on a day like today. It was cold. It was really windy. Hence I struggled. But again, there is something really good about getting run done nice and early. It leaves the evening to relax – except for the pile of Y11 work that needs marking, and the full day of lessons that need planning.

Today, thanks to a discussion in the staff room, I have discovered the wonderful, joyous and moving music of Meghan Trainor*. Also, the perfect way into a discussion about body image. I didn’t realise how deep and meaningful her lyrics are**. The tune declares ‘skinny’ as over-rated and celebrates men and women of all shapes and sizes. Apparently, it’s all ’bout that bass!

Today’s mileage = 3.28

Total Janathon mileage = 60.91

* This is a lie, not a little white lie, but a massive lie. A lie that is as big as a huge thing.

** Sarcasm in action.

Project365 #15

I like reading teenage fiction. Recently I read ‘The Maze Runner’ – fab book. So I’ve got the next couple to read….

Wicked is good.



Janathon Project365

A bright and early #janathon run….

Janathon Day 4

A bit of a strange morning today: I was awake at 6am.

With the ergophobia beginning to take a grip, I decided not to role over and go back to sleep. A nice early start will mean an early night which in turn will mean I will be bright and fresh for the first day of a new term. So there is only one thing to do when you are up bright and early during Janathon: go for a run. It was too dark to venture out so I read for a while.

7am. Time to go. I thought as I was up early I would encourage the dog to join me by explaining to him that we would go to the woods and chase deer. He was up for it. So we headed out into the morning: thick frost, icy roads and bloody freezing.

Double layers. Check. Hat. Check. Gloves. Check.

We got to the woods and it was barely light.

There were indeed plenty of animals for the dog to chase, so he was happy. As for me it took a while to get warmed up, but after a couple of miles I was feeling better. By the time the sun decided to venture out we were pretty much done: 7ish miles.

I can now get on with enjoying the rest of the day knowing that I've run AND blogged. Not looking forward to day 5, first day back to work after the holiday, not sure where the run is going to fit in.

Today's mileage = 7.18

Total Janathon mileage = 19.66

Project365 #4

This was the best picture I could come up with on this morning's run…




Who said miracles don’t happen…?

The day started with a text message, just a simple text message. But one that on reading, had already become my most favourite text message ever. It was a short message of no more than 20 words, but two of those words stood out like a mound of carrots in a gravy drenched sea of mashed potatoes: school's closed.

Miracles do happen!

After several laps of the bedroom, accompanied with screams and woops of delight, I calmed down and thought about how to spend my 'snow' day. I had plenty of work to be catching up with, but equally a snow day means an 'extra' day, a chance to be reckless, a chance to do something different. So after careful consideration I decided to spend the morning marking! Rock and roll! Reckless or what!!?!

I actually had a very productive morning: finished marking some Y9 Gothic stories and a set of Y7 work. Did a load of bits and pieces that needed doing, before deciding it was time to get Janathon's run out the way, unusually early and in daylight for a change.

Today completes the third week of Janathon, it does seem to have gone very quickly, one minute it seems like you're gearing up to get started, the next your struggling to get out the door. And so to today's run, and due to the snow overnight I did manage to do something a bit different, some may even say reckless: I actually went for a run, in the snow.

But no normal run, things were a bit different. I began on the very icy paths, completing a few pirouettes on the way, before deciding to head for the woods. My thinking was that fresh snow, although hard work, wouldn't be quite as dangerous as the paths. The woods felt very different under a blanket of snow, weirdly strange and peaceful. At some stage, I must have clambered through a wardrobe and entered Narnia, although I don't actually remember doing it. The woods looked amazing, like a crystal forest….

However, it wasn't long before I began battling with the elements. The wind had picked up and as I ran through deep snow along the edge of fields…

…I thought to myself, is this how Captain Scott felt? Miles of snow fields and no shelter….

Yes, slightly overly dramatic I know, but it was bloody cold, and REALLY tiring running in the snow. Completed just over 6 miles in the end and on arrival home had the most wonderful cup of tea ever.

Today's mileage = 6.1

Total Janathon mileage after day 21 = 93.53

Total time running = 13.1 hours



Running, albums and idiots…

The weather is definitely attempting to thwart Janathon, we've reached day 19, but it is no match for these babies….

Only the third run with my new amazing 'Puma Faas 250' – yes a very strange name for a pair of trainers – but they coped fantastically with the snow and ice this morning. I think they are ready for a longer run in the morning, although not sure I am.

I drove up to the woods this morning and parked on the top road and didn't even consider taking the incredibly icy road down into the car park. However, various people did. It always amazes me how some people can be so stupid. When you stand at the top of the hill and look down the road into the car park it actually looks very dodgy, what makes people think it will be ok? Now I'm not one to say 'I told you so', and actually I didn't tell anyone, but I was quite pleased to see two cars stranded at the bottom of the hill and one in the ditch. Idiots.

I'd imagine that lots of blogs will contain a few snow shots, so why not?

And in other news……

Spring looks to be quite exciting, with the release of new albums from Frank Turner and Billy Bragg. Billy's new album, 'Tooth & Nail' is out March 18, followed by Frank's latest 'Tape Deck Heart' on April 22.

It has been a while since a Billy Bragg album, so I'm really looking forward to it. The few tracks I've heard suggest it's going back to what he does best: great simple melodies and the voice of an angel.

They will, of course, be touring to promote the albums. I've even pre-ordered the Turner CD to allow me to get in the ticket pre-sale for access to tickets 48hrs before general sale. With only a handful of gigs announced it looks I'm off to Birmingham.

Now I will be looking for volunteers to attend the Bragg gig – I struggle to find anyone to go with – can't understand why????! Have a listen…

Today's snow mileage = 6.36

Total Janathon mileage = 79.66



Janathon Day 17

I got home after a long day at work, full day teaching and Y7 parents’ evening, and with a heavy heart I changed and headed out for a run round the woods. Hat, gloves and rather fashionable head torch in place, this is what greeted me….

It wasn’t until I got to the woods that I realised I had forgotten my headphones. I very rarely run without music, but I have to admit I really enjoyed the run tonight. I was wearing my super cool new trail running shoes – so any ice dance running was at a minimum. So I was surprised when I got home to find I had a message from some fella called Mr Schofield asking me to appear on a TV show. Apparently he was impressed with my arabesque.

Tonight’s mileage = 4.73

Total Janathon mileage = 73.30


Bloody cold tonight! #janathon

Janathon Day 16 and just to repeat… was bloody cold out tonight!

Tonight I donned various stuff to try to evade the cold – it didn't work. Even after a couple of miles, I'm normally warmed up and ready to run as far as I feel, but not tonight. 3 miles into the run I was still feeling very cold so decided that enough is enough.

Tonight's mileage = 3.75

Total Janathon mileage = 68.57

I did originally want to beat last year's Janathon total of 134 miles, that would work out at an average of 4.32 miles per day. We've been running for 16 days – 16 x 4.32 – 69.12 miles. So I'm just about hanging in there.