Different venue, as promised…

Janathon Day 18

As promised yesterday, today was all about running somewhere a bit different from the normal trails of the woods. When thinking about where to run, my mind went back to marathon training. I would occasionally go to Twyford Woods. It used to be an old airbase, all that is left is the old runways and service roads. But it is quite a good place just to go to and run. Very few distractions: just the runways to run up and down.

It looks something like this…

However when you are there it is easy to lose your bearings, you have runways, service roads, plus trails. Today I did get slightly confused as to what direction I was going in, everything looks the same…

I also had intended to stay on the concrete and not venture too far off track. The one time I did hit the trails it all looked pretty solid, it was a frosty, cold morning. It wasn't. Therefore majority of run was done with cold and feet feet.

I pretty good run all in all: 7 miles. In fact, I was quite up for carrying on and doing a 10-miler, but I have a mountain of work at home to be doing and needs must and all that. Although, it did bring back the memories of marathon training. I'm considering a marathon in the spring. Don't want to waste all these Janathon miles.

In other news I would also like to report a rather shody looking Butterfly Sanctuary….

And a interesting bit of fly-tipping…

Today's mileage = 7.31

Total Janathon mileage = 79.59



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