Janathon Project365

Today I learnt that it’s all ’bout that bass… #janathon

Janathon Day 14

I had taken my kit to school today with the idea I’d be able to do a few miles around the school field at the end of the day. Today went something like this: a morning of teaching; exploration of ‘body image’ in tutor; GCSE booster workshop; followed by a run. Running around the field is probably not the best option on a day like today. It was cold. It was really windy. Hence I struggled. But again, there is something really good about getting run done nice and early. It leaves the evening to relax – except for the pile of Y11 work that needs marking, and the full day of lessons that need planning.

Today, thanks to a discussion in the staff room, I have discovered the wonderful, joyous and moving music of Meghan Trainor*. Also, the perfect way into a discussion about body image. I didn’t realise how deep and meaningful her lyrics are**. The tune declares ‘skinny’ as over-rated and celebrates men and women of all shapes and sizes. Apparently, it’s all ’bout that bass!

Today’s mileage = 3.28

Total Janathon mileage = 60.91

* This is a lie, not a little white lie, but a massive lie. A lie that is as big as a huge thing.

** Sarcasm in action.

Project365 #15

I like reading teenage fiction. Recently I read ‘The Maze Runner’ – fab book. So I’ve got the next couple to read….

Wicked is good.



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