Janathon Project365

Today I learnt something…. #janathon

Janathon Day 15

Today's run was done around Sleaford – we were invited to the sister-in-law's for something to eat – needs must and all that.

Whilst dinner was cooking I set off into a very cold and windy night. The plan was to do about 2 miles out and then turn round and head back. It was especially hardwork on the way back – running into the wind. I also had the amazing idea to complete a loop of the park as I passed it. With hindsight this was not an amazing idea.

I have never run round this particular park before, it was also dark. Very dark. The idea was to run around the edge – what could possibly go wrong? Well nothing, if you already knew that there was a big ditch running across it. I didn't know this. Suffice to say I ended up in said ditch – I'm just thankful it wasn't full of water and all I had to do was face the brambles to escape.

You can see in the above route of run exactly where the ditch was.

Note to self: do not run in the dark when you don't know where you are.

Today's mileage = 4.09

Total Janathon mileage = 65

Project365 #15

Today's picture just had to be the lovely trifle we had for pudding…


Lovely jubbly.



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