Janathon Project365

It all seems very normal…

Janathon Day 26

After running every single day for the past 26 days it all starts to become a bit normal. Tonight was another visit to the gym – 4 or so miles on the treadmill.

Today's mileage = 4.28

Total Janathon mileage = 109.09

Project365 #26


Another day. Another pile of books that need marking.

Like I said – this is the norm.




Janathon Project365

Today I learnt that it’s all ’bout that bass… #janathon

Janathon Day 14

I had taken my kit to school today with the idea I’d be able to do a few miles around the school field at the end of the day. Today went something like this: a morning of teaching; exploration of ‘body image’ in tutor; GCSE booster workshop; followed by a run. Running around the field is probably not the best option on a day like today. It was cold. It was really windy. Hence I struggled. But again, there is something really good about getting run done nice and early. It leaves the evening to relax – except for the pile of Y11 work that needs marking, and the full day of lessons that need planning.

Today, thanks to a discussion in the staff room, I have discovered the wonderful, joyous and moving music of Meghan Trainor*. Also, the perfect way into a discussion about body image. I didn’t realise how deep and meaningful her lyrics are**. The tune declares ‘skinny’ as over-rated and celebrates men and women of all shapes and sizes. Apparently, it’s all ’bout that bass!

Today’s mileage = 3.28

Total Janathon mileage = 60.91

* This is a lie, not a little white lie, but a massive lie. A lie that is as big as a huge thing.

** Sarcasm in action.

Project365 #15

I like reading teenage fiction. Recently I read ‘The Maze Runner’ – fab book. So I’ve got the next couple to read….

Wicked is good.




….general wonderings….

Already a few days into the final week of the Easter holidays and you will not be surprised to hear that I haven't touched one iota of schoolwork. In fact I've done everything except schoolwork. It is amazing how much you can get done to avoid marking:

  • Sorted out garage – there is still absolutely no chance whatsoever of getting a car in there – but at least now there's a path through all the crap to get to the back.
  • Mowed the grass – a couple of dry days and some sunshine resulted in the first cut of the year.
  • Fixed fence – windy conditions resulted in a snapped post. So after digging up most of Lincolnshire I managed to finally remove a huge lump of concrete that had been used to hold up post. I am now slightly worried I have also dug up a big percentage of the foundations.
  • Made a visit to the tip household recycling centre – gone are the days when you reversed up to a massive hole and slung in all your crap – now you need a PhD – old Hoover? Appliances or small electrical? I glanced at 'small electrical' and could only see old car radios, so plumbed for 'appliances' – WRONG! Two seconds after placing it down…. “That doesn't go there mate!”
  • Went to running club training Tuesday AND Thursday – which is something that happens very rarely. Tuesday was 20 x 1 min fast/slow and Thursday was a very fast 2 mile time trial.
  • Watched 'Inception' – good film – although I am not about to try to explain it – I'm not entirely sure myself – was it all a dream or not?
  • Read 'Pigeon English' by Stephen Kelman – this book has been on my reading list for a while – it follows a young immigrant from Ghana as he grows up on an estate in South London – good book.
  • Just started reading 'The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry' by Rachel Joyce – so far so good.

You'll also notice that this post severely lacking in pictures. This is because of the whole 'One Second Everyday' shenanigans. Although I have found a picture of a giant dog wearing a sombrero….



Bunting, Books and Bungle

The final week of the first term is finally over and since it has been one whole week since the last blog entry *bows head in shame* I feel I should write something, even if very little has actually happened.

My classroom is now the owner of beautiful new energy efficient lighting. Fitted after school on Thursday to enable a day's trial, before a decision was made to fit them throughout the block late on Friday. Although this is great news, being able to see students in the classroom I feel is an essential part of teaching, it did threaten our chances for winning a tin of chocolates. Earlier on in the week my tutor group had completely decorated the room in Union Jack bunting to celebrate 'Red, White and Blue Day' to bag said chocolates in a school competition. I had, of course, completely forgotten that the engineer would appear on Thursday to fit lights, bunting was taken down, as was our chances of winning the competition.

A visit to the school library meant a collection of teenage fiction to read over the holiday….

Not that I'd actually get round to reading them because of the MASSIVE stack of marking I have to do….

Friday evening came to a close with a walk into town to partake in a few pints of the black stuff in a local hostelry. Who should be at the bar when I arrived? One of my neighbours, already slightly the worse for wear. It was quite easy to recognise this due to the fact that despite being neighbours for three and a half years he didn't seem to know who I was, he shook my hand and said, “I know you from somewhere”. After giving him a couple of clues the penny finally dropped, before he began to introduce me to all his equally drunk mates. The next half hour was spent discussing such subjects as: literature, education, darts, beer and….. the 80s TV show Rainbow…mainly because one of them had the nickname 'Bungle', and did look surprisingly like him…



Project365 #359 – Christmas gifts….

Christmas Day: proudly displaying new Christmas shirt and book two and three in the Chaos Walking Trilogy…..


Project365 #181 – Industrial Action

As a member of the NUT today was ‘strike day’ – the day was spent mostly relaxing, either reading or listening to music, hence the picture…..



Project365 #75 – Presents…

I’ve a few books to read…


Reading, summer festivals and running….

A couple of books that need ticking off the list…


I’m glad I’ve read it, after all the good reviews I’d heard, although i was slightly disappointed. The first half of the book was great, and then I couldn’t help thinking that I wanted more to happen….

Just started reading ‘Once a Runner’ by John Parker.

Having just started the half-term holiday I’m starting to think of the summer and possible festivals to attend, the list of possibilities go something like this:

Cambridge Folk Festival

Rhythm Festival



The Big Chill

Also, on the music front, a few people that we need to get round to see at some stage: The Tallest Man on Earth (gig in London in May – but it is a school night??), Frank Turner, Johnny Flynn, Billy Bragg and Laura Marling….better start saving up!

Finally, on the running front:

So plenty going on at the mo!


Project365 #2

We like reading, hence the books (currently reading Bob Dylan biography). I like listening to music (current CDs I’m listening to include: new Frank Turner EP, Billy Bragg, Bob Dylan, Villagers, Frank Hamilton, Beans on Toast, and lots more). Also lots of work ‘crap’.