Bunting, Books and Bungle

The final week of the first term is finally over and since it has been one whole week since the last blog entry *bows head in shame* I feel I should write something, even if very little has actually happened.

My classroom is now the owner of beautiful new energy efficient lighting. Fitted after school on Thursday to enable a day's trial, before a decision was made to fit them throughout the block late on Friday. Although this is great news, being able to see students in the classroom I feel is an essential part of teaching, it did threaten our chances for winning a tin of chocolates. Earlier on in the week my tutor group had completely decorated the room in Union Jack bunting to celebrate 'Red, White and Blue Day' to bag said chocolates in a school competition. I had, of course, completely forgotten that the engineer would appear on Thursday to fit lights, bunting was taken down, as was our chances of winning the competition.

A visit to the school library meant a collection of teenage fiction to read over the holiday….

Not that I'd actually get round to reading them because of the MASSIVE stack of marking I have to do….

Friday evening came to a close with a walk into town to partake in a few pints of the black stuff in a local hostelry. Who should be at the bar when I arrived? One of my neighbours, already slightly the worse for wear. It was quite easy to recognise this due to the fact that despite being neighbours for three and a half years he didn't seem to know who I was, he shook my hand and said, “I know you from somewhere”. After giving him a couple of clues the penny finally dropped, before he began to introduce me to all his equally drunk mates. The next half hour was spent discussing such subjects as: literature, education, darts, beer and….. the 80s TV show Rainbow…mainly because one of them had the nickname 'Bungle', and did look surprisingly like him…


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