Who said miracles don’t happen…?

The day started with a text message, just a simple text message. But one that on reading, had already become my most favourite text message ever. It was a short message of no more than 20 words, but two of those words stood out like a mound of carrots in a gravy drenched sea of mashed potatoes: school's closed.

Miracles do happen!

After several laps of the bedroom, accompanied with screams and woops of delight, I calmed down and thought about how to spend my 'snow' day. I had plenty of work to be catching up with, but equally a snow day means an 'extra' day, a chance to be reckless, a chance to do something different. So after careful consideration I decided to spend the morning marking! Rock and roll! Reckless or what!!?!

I actually had a very productive morning: finished marking some Y9 Gothic stories and a set of Y7 work. Did a load of bits and pieces that needed doing, before deciding it was time to get Janathon's run out the way, unusually early and in daylight for a change.

Today completes the third week of Janathon, it does seem to have gone very quickly, one minute it seems like you're gearing up to get started, the next your struggling to get out the door. And so to today's run, and due to the snow overnight I did manage to do something a bit different, some may even say reckless: I actually went for a run, in the snow.

But no normal run, things were a bit different. I began on the very icy paths, completing a few pirouettes on the way, before deciding to head for the woods. My thinking was that fresh snow, although hard work, wouldn't be quite as dangerous as the paths. The woods felt very different under a blanket of snow, weirdly strange and peaceful. At some stage, I must have clambered through a wardrobe and entered Narnia, although I don't actually remember doing it. The woods looked amazing, like a crystal forest….

However, it wasn't long before I began battling with the elements. The wind had picked up and as I ran through deep snow along the edge of fields…

…I thought to myself, is this how Captain Scott felt? Miles of snow fields and no shelter….

Yes, slightly overly dramatic I know, but it was bloody cold, and REALLY tiring running in the snow. Completed just over 6 miles in the end and on arrival home had the most wonderful cup of tea ever.

Today's mileage = 6.1

Total Janathon mileage after day 21 = 93.53

Total time running = 13.1 hours



  1. Congrats on the snow day, I know that feeling! I remember calling the schools hotline every white winter morning hoping for the automated “plan A, school is cancelled today” message. How I wish they did the same in university, but no such luck yet. Last time I checked I was told: “call back later, until then you should be here and if not you`ll miss your exam. Bye.”
    Anyways, I see you will beat your mileage goal for Janathon? Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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