1SE – March

One Second Everyday is up and running.

Since my birthday on the 16th March I have begun to take a one second video everyday, read more about it here. The plan was to wait until the end of the year and put it all together, but I thought I'd have a little go and see how easy it is. It turns out, using the 1SE app, is incredibly easy. So we have episode one, the first 16 days of my 44th year…

As you can see, not the most amazing start to my project: Bragg, North, snow, school, running…I must try and do more in April!



  1. This looks good already. I like that you’ve started to put the date on too. Your school’s a bit cheap, hey…rubbishy hand written name labels for parents’ evening!? The fry up is a very good place to start!! X

  2. You have such active students, they actually take part in class? That`s what I`d call success 😉
    I like the video so far, it`s a really sweet idea, you should share the update every month now!
    Have a happy Easter weekend – hopefully it`s a long one for you too!

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