Breaking News: mother & daughter caught cheating….

Egg-streme Cheating

Mother and daughter caught cheating at egg and spoon race.

Yesterday at a National Trust organised Easter Egg Hunt in Chartwell a mother and daughter were found to have cheated in an egg and spoon race. Jill Lawrence, 36, and mother of two, was allegedly said to have sellotaped her daughters egg to the spoon. The much anticipated under 6s race, the highlight of the day, had begun in good spirits, but it wasn't until the race had started that eyebrows began to be raised.

Grace (18mths), clearly unaware of the scandal that is to follow

News of the scandal broke when a young lad noticed the shiny looking surface to the egg, when his father looked closer the Sellotape was clear for all to see. “My boy has inconsolable,” said the man, who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, “my boy has been training for weeks and then some jumped up woman appears to try to claim the glory, it's disgusting!”

Sellotape is clear for all to see

Mr E Bunny, National Trust Easter Egg Hunt organiser, had this to say, “Following reports of alleged cheating we have suspended Mrs Lawrence and her family from attending any National Trust Heritage sites and events. We are also looking into claims that the same woman may have not completed the Egg Trail but still claimed the prize,” he went on to say that, “she is the lowest of the low, and to drag her innocent daughter into her web of deceit is unforgiving.”

The local Edenbridge Police Constabulary have put out this alert:

This is just the latest in a long line of strange and worrying behaviour that includes, amongst other things, forcing children to wear bizarre bunny ears and adorning her daughter with strange pagan symbols, these pictures have recently surfaced…

This woman should not be approached. If you do see her call 999 immediately.

The full story can be read here.



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