Juneathon Day One

We're off! Day 1 of Juneathon is well and truly complete!

If you are an avid reader of this amazing mediocre tedious blog you'll be aware that I'm in London for a few days to celebrate my Mum's 70th Birthday. Which began with yesterday's fabulous helicopter ride over London, read more here.

So as May came to a close the focus turned to Juneathon. Early thoughts were to begin Juneathon with a parkrun, this did not materialise because I woke up slightly too late. Therefore, the first day of Juneathon was to be completed pounding the streets of London. This has many pros and cons:


  • Concrete is everywhere – no problem with underfoot conditions
  • Roads are all massive – no single tracks to risk your life on
  • Houses everywhere – no problem with choosing a route
  • People everywhere – lots of people to say 'morning' too


  • Concrete everywhere – can make it a bit hard on your feet
  • Roads are all massive – therefore loads of cars, vans, buses, lorries, etc. making crossing roads a risky business
  • Houses everywhere – very easy to get lost – on more than one occasion I would 'nip down here' only to come out not quite where I had expected
  • People everywhere – the people I did say 'morning' too just looked at me with a blank expression

But it was quite enjoyable to be running somewhere slightly different, and I even managed the odd picture along the way in a bid to liven up the post.

This I couldn't resist….taking advantage of the green space and extending your garden, there are so many plastic ride on thingys that it looked like a branch of Toys R Us, although not sure what they would do if the council insisted that the trampoline be stored in the garden…

Also, as I was running along the 'Green Chain Walk' for a bit I crossed the railway line, this involved bounding up the steps in a 'Rocky' style and punching the air. No trains about, although I think engineering works were in 'progress' as I did spot a couple of fellas in fluorescent jackets leaning against the fence having a smoke….

Day 1 mileage = 4.69

Mojo level = very high


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