The dos and don’ts of the long run…..

Sunday, the home of the long run and the staple diet of the road runner. So today I planned to complete a run of at least nine miles. This I did, 10.76 miles in 1 hour 31 mins, a reasonably steady pace that is a long way off what I'm hoping to run the Peterborough Half in, but 10 miles all the same.

After today's run I thought I would impart some words of wisdom to help other runners execute the weekly long run and help avoid this morning's unnecessary complications:

DO take some water with you if you are running for more than an hour.

DON'T strategically hide it in a tree so that you don't have to carry it around only to forget what tree you hid it in and then realise it has fallen down requiring you to fight through brambles to retrieve it.

DO get your run in early.

DON'T stay in bed too long so that when you finally get out for your run the sun is out and it starts to get really hot.

DO have a playlist prepared.

DON'T after hearing Stereophonics on the radio set your iPod to play all their albums, because after 'Word Gets Around' they started to get a bit crap causing you to stop and put on something else to stop your ears bleeding.

DO remember that wherever you run you share the path with other people.

DON'T stress yourself out when you met the fat family and their equally fat dogs who think that it is their right to take up the whole path and refuse to move even an inch to the side.

DO try to eat a sensible breakfast and allow time to digest.

DON'T scoff down four chocolate brioche rolls, guzzle down two cups of tea and run out the door.

Tomorrow: REST DAY




  1. Great list. My one would have to have added Do run where you can access public loos, don’t run so early that said public loos are closed!

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