The day my love affair with ‘Trivial Pursuit’ ended….

I have always loved 'Trivial Pursuit', although it has probably been 20 years since I lasted played it. Even now I am not entirely sure why it has taken so long, I have had the idea of playing it swimming around my head for years, just never quite got round to playing it.

So Saturday arrived and it was time to head into the garage and retrieve the dusty blue box from the bottom of a box of 'crap'. To my delight it was complete: board, questions, cheeses and even a dice.

The time was fixed: Saturday evening. The opponents: old. The stakes were high: £10,000* to the winners.

Playing the original 'Trivial Pursuit', circa 1983, clearly gave our older opponents an advantage. They promptly got off to an early lead and within half hour of the start they had bagged three cheeses, due in part to their extensive knowledge of anything pre-1950s.

A mid-game break involving the eating of a fantastic home-made Banoffee Pie** was our chance to claw our way back.

After a couple of hours of intense questioning and answering, the 'oldies', clearly lacking endurance, had faltered and we were all square: six cheeses each and all heading for the middle and the finale. We each had a couple of opportunities to win the game only to be thwarted by impossible questions. Then it happened: the moment my love-affair with 'Trivial Pursuit' ended.

Our opponents once again reached the middle. We needed to pick a category. They had been struggling with green all night, Science and Nature. We choose green. The question:

What are the three usual flavours in Neapolitan ice cream?

Yes, you read that correct!! What are the three frigging flavours in frigging Neapolitan ice cream!! Since when is that a science or nature question!!! As you can imagine they answered the question correctly and we were left reeling. Cheated out of a victory by the makers: Horn Abbot International Ltd. They will certainly be hearing from my lawyers shortly.

As for the game, that is back in the garage at the bottom of the box of 'crap' never to be seen again!

* This was later changed to the losers do the washing up.

** Made with my own fair hands.



  1. We quit playing when it became obvious that “some of us” (meaning me) had memorized all the questions…with an eidetic around, the repeat cost of upgrade and expansion sets gets kind of steep after a while, so we gave up. (Go Google it, you will have a new word, and it is a killer in Hangman!)

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