I’ll be on strike!

After watching Look North last night on TV I was compelled to blog….

The headline: parent to sue school over closure. I don't really have to go into details, just to say this particular school is going to close on 1st October because of the joint NUT/NASUWT strike action; this particular parent is not happy. In fact he is so unhappy he has written a 'strongly worded letter' to the school.

I have sympathy with parents who have childcare issues but I don't think he quite understands the impact this government is having on the education system: the education system is becoming disjointed. The failure of the government to enter into talks aimed at reaching an agreement has lead to the industrial action. The majority of teachers are concerned that the changes the government are imposing on the profession is having an effect on the recruitment and retention of teachers and the delivery of quality education for pupils. I am one of these teachers.

The unions have tried writing a 'strongly worded letter' – this hasn't worked – that is why teachers are striking – the government now needs to enter into talks to resolve the issues.

As for our lorry driving friend who is going to sue his child's school……let's just imagine he is a Tesco supermarket lorry driver….would he like a letter from my lawyer when there are no baked beans on the shelves?


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