The journey home from work took slightly longer tonight, lots of diversions in place due to a major accident locally. The added time sitting in the car, together with getting far to comfortable on the sofa, meant a run was not going to happen.

So something different.

There will be a new building appearing in London in the next four years. One Blackfriars. This is what it will look like….

Tonight, in my head, I climbed the 50 storey building and reached the top of it. I went past the upmarket shopping complex. I went past the studio apartments that will be on sale for £960,000. I went past the two-bedroom apartments that will be priced at £1,850,000. I went past the three-bedroom apartments that will be on sale for £2,900,000. I even went past the restaurant and viewing platform. I also walked back down. Only on the way down I had a three course meal and a couple of cocktails, registered my interest on a three-bedroom apartment and picked up some designer clothes.

Ok, let me start again….tonight I went up and down these 50 times….

Not quite as glamourus, but just as knackering.



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