Sometimes you just get the feeling that the world is against you….

Janathon Day 8

After yesterday's exercise, which took the form of running up and down the stairs, I was determined to get a run in. Although the world did it's best to conspire against me.

Firstly, my 20 min journey home from work took 50 min due to ANOTHER car accident on the SAME road as yesterday. So I did a lot of looking at this….

Secondly, on arrival at home Amy and J-Dawg had just started watching 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' so I joined them. So that was a couple of hours wasted. Although I declined the offer of joining them to eat popcorn out of the dog's bowl – apparently it was 'clean'.

Perhaps that's why he is called J-Dawg!?

Thirdly, when I finally managed to drag my arse of the sofa and change into my running kit I realised it was raining out. But by then it was too late – so I went for it. iPhone was on, RunKeeper was going, except no music was playing. Cue a stop in the rain to restart app whilst trying to avoid it getting soaking wet. Not the best of starts.

If that wasn't enough, 400 yards into the run and a car drove through a massive puddle and splashed me – full in the face.

The rest of the run was pretty uneventful pounding the rather boring streets of Bourne….

Job done. Sorted. Cushty. And relax.

Total Janathon mileage after day 8 = 29.11 (plus of course up and down 50 flights of stairs)



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