Round and round we go….

Janathon Day 12

I went to bed last night with the idea that I would get up early (ish) and complete a run round the woods with the dog. This didn't happen. After waking up at 11am the plan was to have a quick cuppa and then get the run done. This didn't happen. Instead I created a beautiful fry-up and then went shopping.

It wasn't until 4.30pm that I finally got my arse into gear. Pressure was on, the darts was on at 5.45pm. I do like a bit of darts, ridiculous nicknames and cliche after cliche. So pounding the streets of Bourne was the answer. I didn't want to venture too far so decided on trying to run along every street, avenue, way, close, walk, crescent, and road on the estate. I really didn't know what I was doing, the place is like a rabbit's warren*. Any Tom, Dick or Harry** would get lost. First half of the run was ok, I knew roughly were I was going. But it was a game of two halves*** and it all got very confusing in the second half. But, I think it was a pretty good effort….

5 miles in total.

Total Janathon mileage = 44.29

* see…cliche…clearly watching too much darts

** see above

*** see above



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