#janathon day 19 – a morning of extremes…

A dawn of opposites. A sunrise of antithesis.

This morning's Janathon run was not a thing of beauty.

My legs felt heavier than 100 concrete blocks on a pallet being lifted by a 3-year-old's plastic Tonka toy pick-up truck. My breathing was like a 100-year-old man suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. My calves felt tighter than the cord connected to Vanessa Feltz during a bungee jump. But run I did. 5.71 miles around Bourne. But on return everything changed.

My breakfast was a thing of beauty.

More beautiful than the first morning's dew. More beautiful than spring lambs bouncing in a meadow. More beautiful than my homemade chocolate brownies. More beautiful than Aphrodite the Greek Godess of love riding a carriage made of flowers being pulled by puppies. More beautiful than Charlton's 1998 play-off final game at Wembley.

Well deserved.

Total Janathon mileage = 60.68



  1. Wow I have just had dinner but now am hungry again. Love the description of the run, I felt like that Friday, but did not put so eloquently!

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