A world famous star thinks I’m fabulous….

Having recently been converted to the Nike+ running app I was presently surprised when the world famous Trey Hardee had a personal message for me at the end of tonight's run. What did you say? You've never heard of Trey Hardee? You've never heard of the remarkable Trey Hardee? Well to be totally honest, I hadn't heard of the fella either. Although a quick internet search and I am now fully conversed in the ways of the Trey Hardee: an all American decathlon star. But the important thing is that he has heard of me and he was very happy with my run tonight…..

So, the penultimate day of Janathon is complete, and after tonight's 3 mile run in the rain I am on the verge of cracking the 100 miles. Lovely jubbly.

Total Janathon mileage = 98.69


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