Project365 #129

WARNING: although this started as a project365 post it has evolved into a full blown blog post. For the purists out there, the first picture is my picture of the day.

I visited Time Machine Records in Grantham today…. 


Now you could put me in a room for 1000s of years and I wouldn’t be able to think of a more apt name. 

The shop is owned and run by Dave – a nice old fella who is happy to leave you alone to browse and equally happy to chat – it is crammed full with vinyl, CDs and other music paraphernalia. He will be the first to admit he lacks a bit of ‘new’ vinyl – but if you want some of the older stuff – he may be able to help you. Dave’s ‘system’ is not the best in the world. He does have some sort of categorising in place – although the majority are in 3ft piles around the room. 

The only day he can guarantee being open on is Saturday and actually he went on to tell me he was shut last Saturday! 

The place is a bit tricky to find: no real signage, you go down a dark alley and through a gated door…. 


As if to emphasise Time Machine Records he gave me his ‘card’ before I left… 



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