Done! #juneathon 

Day 30. The last, and hottest, day of Juneathon. A 3-miler on the trails in the 5 o’clock sunshine. It was hot. Very hot. Did I suffer? Yes I suffered. Today was all about the blue and the green.

Project365 #181
 It’s not been the greatest Juneathon – dodgy calf – but I have managed something every day, which is actually what Juneathon is about. So, I guess I can say it was a success. 

However, I will be the first to admit the blog posts – despite posting one every day – have been pretty poor. For a couple of reasons:

Firstly, because I’ve not been doing the mileage I would normally do, the runs have not been that interesting. 

Secondly, I seem to be so busy at school that I’ve struggled to find the time and inclination to make them amazing. 

So I think it’s probably best to just forget about the whole Juneathon thing and look ahead to Janathon! 


Juneathon Project365

Think he’s got the hump! #juneathon #project365

Juneathon Day 29

We reach what is the penultimate day of Juneathon and this is the first run that actually felt like a Juneathon run. Rushed home from work, collected the dog and we hit the trails. It was hot and sweaty. In the past I have always remembered Juneathon as being exactly like this – lots of runs in the sun. However, this is the first of its kind this year.

The plan was to do about 5 miles at a reasonable pace – I'm starting to test Jeff* a bit more – it went well, a bit achy, but overall a success. Although, the dog probably disagreed with me – he struggled. I think the days of him joining me on my runs has well and truly gone. I understand it was pretty warm this evening but that was no excuse for the pace he was going. I had to wait for him on numerous occasions. And when I told him to get a move on, did he listen? Did he hell! If anything he started going slower.

Anyway, when we returned home I gave him a good talking to. This resulted in him sitting in the corner of the garden with the hump and ignoring me all night.

Project365 #180

* If you don't understand what this means then you are lucky enough not to find yourself reading the nonsense that is contained on this blog too often – I will not put you through the pain of an explanation.



Juneathon Project365

A relaxing day….

Juneathon Day 28

A slow start to the morning, mostly because of the drinking yesterday afternoon. But by the time the afternoon came around I was ready for a run in the sun: 3 miles. It was a muggy afternoon; rumour has it we are in for a bit of a heatwave over the next week. Lovely jubbly.

I received this nice little bundle from Flying Vinyl yesterday….

So spent most of the rest of the day giving them a spin….

Project365 #179


Juneathon Project365

Non-stop… #juneathon #project365

Today was one of those days that are just full up with stuff.

Firstly, #Juneathon day 27 was a Parkrun. Peterborough Parkrun. But more importantly, Helen's first ever Parkrun. It was a lovely morning, the sun was shining, in fact it was a very warm 5k. Good start to the day.

That was followed by a trip to buy some plants for the garden. Which was inevitably followed by actually planting the plants. That done it was BBQ time…

Project365 #178

It was a really enjoyable afternoon/evening, plenty of food and beer. Although the majority of it was spent deciding whether or not we would actually continue with the planned holiday to Tunisia! I'm sure there will be more to come on the subject in the coming weeks!



Project365 #177

After school today we had a staff rounders match. It had been arranged so that we could say our goodbyes to our business-finance-bursar-timetable-manager-thingy-person. She will be sadly missed… 


The rounders match was very exciting. Rounders were being scored in every direction, partly because there was a distinct lack of throwing and catching ability.

However, the match was eventually abandoned due to health and safety issues. A spot of rain led to slippery bats, which in turn led to a nasty ‘bat flying through the air’ incident causing injury.

Juneathon Project365

It’s only 8 seconds…. #juneathon #project365

…but 8 extra seconds in terms of planking is like Usain Bolt running a sub 9 second 100m. Bloody hard work. The last 30 seconds were accompanied by lots of grunting and groaning and a great deal of shaking. How about a Juneathon Day 25 action shot? Although I'd be the first to admit that 'planks' do not make for the most impressive action shots.

Project365 #176

But I'm pleased to announce we have a new PB….



Juneathon Project365

I’ve got ‘The Fear’ #juneathon #project365

I think you are all more than aware of the problems I've been having with Jeff*. It has however, reached new depths. I have 'The Fear'.

Today when I got in from work I went straight out to test Jeff. Juneathon day 24. The plan was to do 3 or so miles at a reasonable pace to see how likely it was that I make an appearance at Clumber Park in Nottingham for the 'Festival of Trail' half-marathon. During the last six weeks my runs have consisted of very light jogging, or a trip to the gym for some cross-training. I have, in essence, been trying to avoid aggravating Jeff. The only problem is that Jeff is in my head, he has got me questioning my running ability. He has given me 'The Fear'.

The fear that Jeff will blow-up at any stage and cause me real issues.

The fear that I can't actually run very far – even today's 3-miler seemed harder than in the past – I felt like I had run a marathon.

The fear that maybe it's the trainers that are the problem and that I need new ones.

The fear that my running form has something to do with my problems with Jeff.

The fear that I'll wake in the morning unable to walk.

Having said all that, at the end of the run Jeff felt no worse than after a gentle jog. I can definitely feel it, an ache, although whether I just need to exercise it a bit more I'm not sure. I've had six weeks off any fast running, six weeks off anywhere near long mileage, it's time to get back in the game.

I haven't run the route I did today for weeks, it's got slightly overgrown….

And my entry for Project365 #175 I hear you say? Well, you don't have to venture far into the English literary world until you trip over some author harping on about the fields of wheat…

Field of wheat, so full and fair,

Shining, with thy sunny hair,

Lightly waving either way,

Graceful as the breezes play.

I think this is what they are on about….

Project365 #175

* You are fed-up of hearing about my calf muscle, I am fed-up talking about my calf muscle. So I'll call it Jeff from now on.



Project365 #174

Romeo & Juliet at Tolethorpe Hall with a lovely bunch of year 9s. 


Juneathon Project365

Still smashing it! #project365 #juneathon

Juneathon Day 22

Was going to go for a 'proper' run tonight when I got in from work. But didn't. For a few reasons: a) I really couldn't be bothered; b) I am supposed to be running a half-marathon on Saturday and wanted to give my calf a bit more of a rest before I 'test' it; c) After yesterday's plank rest day I was determined to smash the plank PB.

Glad to report I did indeed 'smash it'….a PB by 19 secs…

Project365 #173

Talking of 'smashing it'…the second of two bargain Terry's Chocolate Oranges was also opened and eaten.

Although, the actually proper terminology is 'whack it'.