Done! #juneathon 

Day 30. The last, and hottest, day of Juneathon. A 3-miler on the trails in the 5 o’clock sunshine. It was hot. Very hot. Did I suffer? Yes I suffered. Today was all about the blue and the green.

Project365 #181
 It’s not been the greatest Juneathon – dodgy calf – but I have managed something every day, which is actually what Juneathon is about. So, I guess I can say it was a success. 

However, I will be the first to admit the blog posts – despite posting one every day – have been pretty poor. For a couple of reasons:

Firstly, because I’ve not been doing the mileage I would normally do, the runs have not been that interesting. 

Secondly, I seem to be so busy at school that I’ve struggled to find the time and inclination to make them amazing. 

So I think it’s probably best to just forget about the whole Juneathon thing and look ahead to Janathon! 


4 replies on “Done! #juneathon ”

That is a lovely photo, love the blue sky especially as here in Tasmania, Australia we’re in winter and it’s been so cold. Good job on Junathon, not an easy thing to do especially with Jeff being uncooperative and a busy schedule.

Congratulations on a successful Juneathon. Despite Jeff, heavy work comments and a busy life style you have done it! I enjoyed your blogs and look forward to Janethon which is only six months away! Now just enjoy the lovely weather!

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