Juneathon Project365

Exciting times…. #juneathon #project365

Now if I was a slacker I could very easily have used my 'clearing of the cupboard' in my classroom as today's Juneathon activity: I did plenty of climbing up and down on the chair; lugging folders that haven't seen the light of day for years; and filling various black bags. But I did better than that.

I did, however, use it as today's Project365 entry….

Project365 #154

As for my 'official' Juneathon activity, I'd like to enter 35min on the cross-trainer at the gym, 26 press-ups and 109sec plank. Lovely jubbly.

Juneathon Totals after Day 3:

  • 2 mile run
  • 7.13 mile cross-train
  • 69 press-ups
  • 267 sec planks

In other news….I have a fantastic new blog header to celebrate Juneathon. Designed by Amy Sarfas Designs.