Marathon Training Update…

Now that I’m committed to raising a few quid sponsorship for running the Milton Keynes Marathon I thought an update was required.

Training has been a bit up and down so far. I’m following a 16 week training schedule – of which there are about 9 weeks left. This week so far looks something like this:

  • Saturday – Rutland Parkrun – steady run ensuring a Parkrun tourist friend got a PB.
  • Sunday – no long run – Saturday involved afternoon drinking, Chinese and ending up in a karaoke bar. 
  • Monday – 7 steady miles at Rutland Water – very undulating.
  • Tuesday – another 7 steady miles at Rutland Water – opposite side of the reservoir – very undulating.

I’ve done a bit of cycling around Rutland Water, but it’s not until you run around it that you realise how hilly it is. I’ve created a course profile, it looks something like this:

I did also take a few photos on route:


That is pretty much where we are at the mo. I’d like to mention again that I am raising a few quid for the Samaritans – so feel free to click here and sponsor. 

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