The Sunday Long Run…

A staple for anyone marathon training. When you do this long run is dependent on the individual: some people like to set the alarm and get up especially early to get the run done; some like to wake up naturally and get the run started by mid-morning; and some are happy to leave it until the afternoon.

This morning I set the alarm to ensure I was pounding the streets by 8am.

I’ve been slowly trying to increase the mileage; this morning’s run was 13 miles. It felt good – averaging 9.30 min/mile – I wasn’t going crazy, it was a slow steady run and despite the legs feeling tired at the end, I wasn’t feeling totally knackered like I have done in the past. So good news.

Next up Newton’s Fraction half-marathon in a weeks time.

That just leaves me to remind you, once again, that I am running the Milton Keynes Marathon and raising a few quid for the Samaritans. Click here.

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