Probably should be running more…

Marathon training update, although important to point out that my original idea of following an actual ‘training schedule’ has gone out the window….

Monday – rest day – I ran 13 miles on Sunday, so it was deserved.

Tuesday – gym – hill reps on the treadmill – 45mins

Wednesday – rest day – I’m supposed to be running 5 days a week – I’m not

Thursday – gym – 7 miles at steady 9 min/mile pace

Friday – rest day – didn’t even get a takeaway!!

Saturday – Rutland Water Parkrun – easy jog

Sunday – Newton’s Fraction Half-Marathon at Grantham. Steady 9 min/mile pace – although felt knackered at the end – must have been the bloody massive hills you have to run up.

Only 49 days until the actual marathon. And of course you can sponsor me, have a look at previous blog post to find the link. 

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