Not a lot of running. A bit more running. Plus a shed.

Three things that probably sum up the last couple of weeks.

Not a lot of running…

The last week of the term is always a busy time and I struggled to get in any meaningful runs. Except a couple of very gentle Parkruns and a very rare visit to club training. Club training nearly killed me – definitely got a lot to do to get the speed back.

A bit more running…

Now the Easter Holidays are here I’m planning on trying to catch-up on the marathon training so that I can get somewhere between ready for it and barely ready for it. 

Good Friday was a good start. 6 good fast miles – legs still felt strong at the end of it.

Saturday was a visit to Peterborough Parkrun – a gentle first couple of laps followed by a fast lap. All good.

Sunday – the long run – 15 miles around Bourne, taking in a couple of local villages and a couple of laps at the woods. 

Felt good to get a few miles under the belt. More to follow over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Plus a shed…

Now if you’re an avid reader of this blog you’ll probably remember that I’m attempting to grow stuff on an allotment. At the end of the summer we managed to grow a few potatoes and then plant some over-wintering onions. 

Since then the onions have indeed grown, as has a lot of weeds. In fact, it turns out we’re really good at growing weeds. So as well as the running the plan is to get on top of the allotment – sort the weeds out and actually grow some stuff. 

In a bid to get serious we purchased a shed and even painted it in a fetching shade of orange complete with brown stripe (the tin said the orange should be Autumn Red). 

Next up: actually trying to grow something. 

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