Making progress…

This blog post will leave you feeling one of two ways* – confused or impressed. This will depend entirely on how you came by this little tiny space on the World Wide Web.

Firstly, if you came here hoping to see ‘progress’ in my marathon training you may be feeling totally confused. You may have been expecting to see the latest mileage run, or my pace per mile, or even my inner most thoughts about the whole process. Sorry. 

However, if you came upon this blog post with no preconceptions or ideas about what the hell you’ve stumbled upon, or perhaps you are revisiting wanting to know the latest episode in my amazing life, prepare to be impressed…

I’m an allotment holder and have been for round about 8 months. This is going to be the first real opportunity to grow stuff after spending the end of last summer clearing what was a very overgrown plot.

Since then visits to the allotment have been few are far between, for a number of reasons:

  1. It was winter and there was nothing growing. Yes, I know I should have been preparing the ground and stuff, but the winter is really cold.
  2. Initially we didn’t have a shed – we had to lug everything down in the car – not good for motivation. Again, a pretty pathetic excuse.
  3. Never really had the time – I know, this does not bode well for the future.


  1. It is now Spring and a lot warmer. 
  2. We have a shed and all the stuff is in it. 
  3. End of term holidays mean a couple of weeks to get on top of said bloody allotment.

The morning was spent weeding. Weeding and weeding and weeding. The result is an allotment that looks, in part, like an allotment. Not a ‘they know what they’re doing’ allotment, but an allotment all the same.

The afternoon was spent at a garden centre buying some stuff to plant. This whole growing things lark might actually work. Impressed?

* it is likely that it may leave you feeling more than just one of two feelings depending on how you feel about allotments.

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