19 days to go…

A week since the last marathon training blog post update. Now just to recap: one week ago my longest run was 17 miles. So one week on and I’d imagine you’re thinking that has moved to 19 or even 20 miles. Wrong. 

It has been a dodgy week to say the least. It’s been the last week of the Easter hols and as much as it was a good opportunity to get some miles under my belt, it never actually happened for a number of different reasons: workshop at school, overnight duty with the Samaritans and the never-ending allotment jobs.

Friday was long run day – mainly because I was going to be away for the weekend celebrating a couple of important birthdays with my brother and sister. 

Friday morning I set off, I had a very basic idea of where the run was going to take me. I wasn’t really feeling it, but was well aware that I needed a few more miles in the legs before the actual race. It was a reasonably bright start to the run, warm with only a 15% chance of rain. 

You won’t be surprised to hear that I got rained on. I was at the woods at the time and it actually chucked it down. I soon found myself sheltering under a tree as an almighty storm passed…..

I look pretty happy with the situation and actually I seem quite dry looking. Although I can assure you that I was far from dry. 

This was only about 7 miles into the run. I was wet and cold, so had the idea to run to the gym and do a bit on the treadmill. This I did. Didn’t help. Definitely wasn’t feeling it after all that. Ran home.

Total mileage = 9.45

Always next weekend.

On a more positive note; had a great night celebrating my little sister’s 40th and my big brother’s 50th….


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