It’s getting closer…

It would seem appropriate that on the day of the London Marathon I update you on my training progress for, the equally prestigious, Milton Keynes Marathon.

With only 8 days to go I’m in the process of tapering training.

Although if you are a regular reader of this blog you’re probably questioning my use of the word ‘tapering’. Tapering suggests that I’ve done a lot of training. I’ve struggled with time and motivation to get enough training in.

Last Sunday was going to be a long run but had signed up to do the Lincoln 10k with the OH – it was her first 10k – smashed it!

So the weeks long run was postponed (yet again) – I’m pretty good at making up excuses not to run far.

Having said that, I did manage a 20-miler on Tuesday. It did nearly kill me – felt a bit ill after, that was accompanied by a bout of the shakes – but I put that down to the fact that it was after a full day at work. Well I’m hoping so.

This was followed by a gentle 3-miler on Wednesday to check the legs still worked. I had no adverse reactions to the long run and legs recovered well.

I didn’t do Parkrun on Saturday morning – I was on babysitting duty whilst Helen and Marie tackled the Peterborough course – although I did manage a gentle 4 mile dog jog in the afternoon.

Which brings us right up to date. This morning I did a lovely early morning run in the sun through the local fields and woods: 9 miles. The last long(ish) run before the marathon. It felt good this morning. Even if I was a tad wind swept.

I’m still not entirely sure where I am in regards of times – I think a sub-4 is probably just out of reach. If I beat my previous marathon time of 4.29 I’ll be well happy.

That just leaves me to mention the charity I’m raising a few quid for…

It is a really worthwhile cause, click here if you have a few quid to spare. Cheers.

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