Milton Keynes Marathon. Done.

It has been 5 days since I completed the Milton Keynes Marathon. I have only just regained enough strength to type.

This is my second marathon, my first being London 10 years ago. They don’t get any easier. For anyone reading this who has never run a marathon, in fact even if you have, you’ll already know: 26.2 miles is a bloody long way.

I am not about to bore you with a mile by mile account; I’ll give you the edited highlights:

  • At the start I met Ben, the fella running 401 consecutive marathons, lovely bloke. I thought people that did these ridiculous marathon after marathon things ran them really slow. It turns out they don’t. He finished in about 4.30. Every marathon he does he finishes around 4.30. That is incredible.
  • I was slightly concerned that the route would take you along the various dual carriages and roundabouts (of which there are a lot) of Milton Keynes. Turns out the first 7 miles or so on the road, the rest through parks, skirting along canals, round lakes, a pleasant marathon all in all.
  • A slightly weird day on the weather front. Bit cold and windy to start with. Very hot about two hours in, before making it to the finish before heavy rain.
  • At around about mile 12 I did my good deed for the day. As I was jogging along, trying to think of anything else except how tired my legs were feeling, I saw a man keel over to the side and collapse on the grass, about 30 yards ahead of me. By the time I got up to where he was, a lovely couple of runners had already stopped and were in the process of putting him in the recovery position. I stopped to see if they needed help. Clearly they did. Then it dawned on me that I remembered running past a marshall a few hundred yards back. So off I went. Running the wrong way. Running the wrong way for about 300 yards. Told the marshall what had happened, waited a bit for a cyclist marshall to appear before showing him where the fella lay. I was in the middle of a marathon myself so didn’t hang about; hopefully all was well.

Completed all 26.2 miles in 4.42 – slightly slower than 10 years ago – found the last 4 or 5 miles very difficult. Probably was a bit short of training miles if I’m honest – been very busy this year. But overall really pleased. My reward: a nice bit of bling and a rather fetching cow t-shirt (Milton Keynes has a thing about cows – don’t ask).

I was also raising a few quid for Peterborough Branch of Samaritans. I’m thinking about £600 raised all in all. If you’re reading this and thinking ‘Damn it, I really wanted to sponsor him’ – you still can. Click here. Cheers.

One final point: never again.

Update: £583 raised.

3 replies on “Milton Keynes Marathon. Done.”

I did the MK inaugural marathon-it was awful, torrential rain, flooding and high wind, I gained my slowest marathon time ever, I said never again though am dam tempted after seeing that shirt! How lovely.
Well done on being a Good Samaritan -very apt.

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