I haven’t posted anything for months – in fact not since I failed Juneathon. 

So here we go again….

It’s been pretty quiet on the challenge front. Summer was all about relaxing, and since going back to school it has been very hectic. The start of the year is always pretty hectic, but add to that an imminent visit from the lovely people at the Office of Standards in Education, and you end up in the realm of ‘pretty ridiculous’. 

Having said all that, it’s always good to keep busy. Hence, the Ronhill #RunEveryDay challenge. It’s not a complicated challenge. Just run every day. Simple.

It’s been pretty quiet on the running front recently. I’m a regular at Parkrun on Saturday mornings and ran the Rutland Half a couple of weeks ago, but apart from that, not a lot. So it’ll be good to get out a bit more.

Also be attempting to #BlogEveryDay – and I know you just can’t wait for that! 

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