Day 9 – I ran a half-marathon… #RunEveryDay

This morning it was the Perkin’s Great Eastern Run at Peterborough.

Despite the threat of rain early in the day it ended it up being a lovely morning to run 13.1 miles (probably a bit too warm if I’m honest). I was planning on a steady 9min/mile pace, bringing me in around the 2hr mark. That’s pretty much what happened.

1hr 56min – felt pretty good – had plenty left at the end. 

Although I must thank Glenn for the jelly babies at the end (what was left of them – it must be tiring standing and watching) – without those there was no way I would have made the last 500yds!! 

That just leaves two things left for today’s post. One, the medal and t-shirt shot….

….and two, tomorrow’s day 10 plan: easy and short.

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