Day 11 – early run and a lack of blood #RunEveryDay

Well amazingly, despite a busy day, the run streak is still going: 11 days. 

I was due to give blood early evening, so today’s run needed slightly more planning than usual. Didn’t have time to fit it in before giving blood. Running after giving blood risked fainting, so was out of the question. Which just left a run before work!

That’s what I did.

6am start. Yep, that’s right, a 6am start.

It was hell. Never again am I ever going to do it again. It was ridiculous. It is pretty dark at that time in the morning, not helped by the fact that the council are, probably in an attempt to save a few quid, reluctant to turn the street lights on. I nearly stacked it twice. On top of that, my legs are not used to having to run at that time in the morning; they didn’t like it one bit.

The streets were deserted and Tesco had only just opened.

As for the blood donation…they didn’t want my blood. 

Not a health issue, just not quite a high enough haemoglobin level – it was 126g/l, needed to be at least 135g/l. They said they have a high ‘cut-off’ level just to be on the safe side. They gave me a leaflet all about haemoglobin and iron. Although I put it down to all this running I’m doing!

Right….I’m off to eat some red lean meat, some mackerel, eggs, nuts, brown rice, green vegetables, dried fruit and to wash it all down with a some orange juice which is high in vitamin C. 

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